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Storage and Handling

Unplasticized UPVC pipes are strong yet light, their specific gravity being approximately one-fifth of

Cast Iron. As a result, these pipes are more easily handled than their metal counterparts. Reasonable care, however, should be used at all times. Since the soundness of any joint depends on the condition of the spigot and the socket, special care must be taken in transit, handling and storage to avoid damage to the ends.


When loading pipes on to vehicles, care must be taken to avoid their coming into contact with any

sharp corners such as cope irons, loose nail-heads, etc., as pipes may be damaged by being rubbed

against these during transit.


Whilst in transit, pipes shall be well secured over their entire length and not allowed to project  unsecured over the tailboard of the lorry.


When off-loading, pipes should be lowered, not dropped to the ground. Pipes may be off-loaded from lorries by rolling them gently down timbers, care being taken to ensure that pipes do not fall one upon another, nor on to any hard or uneven surfaces.


Pipes should be given adequate support at all times. Pipes should not be stacked in large piles, especially in warm temperature conditions, as the lower layers may distort, resulting in difficulties in jointing and pipe alignment. Any pipe with ends prepared for jointing (Socket and spigot joints, ‘A’ joints, etc.)  should be stacked in layers with sockets placed at alternate ends of the stack and with the sockets protruding to avoid unstable stacks and the possibility of imparting a permanent set to the pipes.


For long-term storage, pipe racks should provide continuous support.  For pipe sizes 160mm and above timber of at least 3in. (75mm) bearing width at spacing’s not greater than 3ft. (915mm), should be placed beneath the pipes. Side support should be placed at 6ft. (1.8m), if the stacks are rectangular. Closer supports will be required for sizes below 160mm. In such pipe racks, pipes

may be stored not more than seven layers, or 6ft. (1.8m) high, whichever is the lesser, but if different

classes of pipe are kept in the same racks, then the thickest classes of largest diameter must always be placed at the bottom.

Our company has moved to plastic injection moulding industry in 2003.
In 2005, with a radical decision, with the support of our parent company
 GEMAŞ GENEL MÜHENDİSLİK AS, we started to produce UPVC Pipe Fittings and Valves.




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